Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wednesday Flower Study: Dandelions

We studied the dandelion for our flower this week. It's our kids' favorite flower - they'll spend hours frolicking in them between lawn mowings, blowing the seeds and collecting pretty yellow bouquets. But even after all the time they've spent with dandelions, they learned some new things today (I did, too). We read about dandelions in The Handbook of Nature Study, then observed and picked some outside. We learned why our dandelions were so short (they were "hiding from the mower"), that bees love them, that their root "looks like a carrot", and that even though most grazing animals think they taste bad, our bunnies love them. Here's some pics from our dandelion adventures:

Even though they had acres to choose from, all 4 kids decided to dig in the exact same spot.

Join the Wednesday Flower Study at The Outdoor Hour blog.

My kids enjoyed reading this book after our study:


  1. Oh, I just love love love that she wore her princess gown to the flower study!

    Your photos are fantastic, what camera do you use?

  2. Excellent job on your flower study! I loved the photos and the journals and everything....looking forward to your next study.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. I love your close-up photos! (And cute kids, too. :-)

  4. great shots! your kids are having a ball and learning without even knowing it! i love your bunny picture, too. so sweet. kali and i did nature journals for about the first 6 years. i'm not sure why we got away from them, we need to dig them out and go back to it. what a super way to learn!

  5. What wonderful photos! And, a wonderful study! I used to do Barb's challenges pretty faithfully but have gotten out of the habit. And, with it, I've stopped using my HONS! Thanks for the reminder of what a great book it is. I think I'll go and look up ladybugs... :-)
    - Dana


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