Monday, April 27, 2009

More Springy Things

A few more signs of Spring springing up at our house...

"Lady Banks" Roses

Red Honeysuckle

Blueberries (or soon to be)

Shine-ier horses


Yellow pasture flowers (sorry, didn't get a chance to look them up, anyone know what they are?)

Daisy on the way

(verbena are special to us because they were the very first flowers we grew after we were married - on the tiny terrace of our apartment)

not sure what this is called, it was a surprise visitor

more roses

yummm.... tea olive blossoms

and my favorite - our first lilac blooms from a bush we planted a few years ago - I was sooo excited when my daughter came running up with this surprise bouquet!


  1. Everything looks divine! Love those shiny horses, too. You might check "broomweed" for those pretty yellow flowers. Let me know if it's a match! (I looked at, there's a link to identify flowers by color. I don't know how far you are from KS, but maybe it's common?)

  2. Oh I LOVE the daisy! So striking. I've been posting shots like mad since I got my Nikon D40 --- very addictive!


  3. How blessed you are to be surrounded by such beauty!


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