Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something Special Saturday: Recycle-Bugs

I spent waaaay too much time working on our homeschool association's newsletter this Saturday, but we did make time to fit in this craft we didn't have time for on Earth Day. I got the idea from It was kinda fun doing a craft on a weekend day, without the pressure of having to hurry on to the next subject. The bugs didn't turn out quite as perfect as we had envisioned, but I think the kids had fun.

So, here's our "something special" for this Saturday....

Did you do something special this Saturday? Share it at the Something Special Saturday Challenge.


  1. Oh, they turned out so cute! Especially hanging all together.

  2. That last shot is brilliant!


  3. These are absolutely adorable! I will have to check out the website you mentioned, thanks for the link.


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