Friday, May 29, 2009

You Capture: Family

This week's challenge at You Capture was "Family". I thought I would ace this challenge, as we went to spend the weekend with my in-laws, who are a family with 16 children, and how could there not be tons of opportunities for great shots with that much family around? But there was lots going on with graduations, recitals, and house remodeling, so there wasn't a lot of time for posed photography. You can read more about all the goings-on here. But above is a shot of their beautiful family in portraits on the wall, all so gorgeous, handsome, and adorable in their western duds.

And here is a picture of family life they way I picture it being a century ago - parents, grandparents, friends, and toddlers all in the same room, conversing, "live" music in the background.... no air conditioning (because of the remodeling one of the walls was missing in this room and it was open to the outside.... but family life goes on).

See more "Family" shots at the You Capture Challenge.


  1. Makes me want to have a family reunion! Even though they're hot and crowded and loud, there's still something to be said of ALL the family together.

  2. The family picture reminds me of when our family is all together in a room. All ages and lots of conversations going on at once :-)

    What a blessing!

    Tammy ~@~
    Garden Glimpses


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