Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This little girl...

is finally home!

We are sooooo glad to have her back! Her little sisters hardly left her side all day.

BeachPea had some great experiences on her trip - fishing, seeing deer, porcupines, buffalo, baby birds, the Great Lakes, and lots of fun playtime with her cousins and grandparents.

But, yippee!, now she is back home with us again. Life is good.

Also, for those interested, I read that the LCROSS spacecraft will be making a swingby of the moon on Tuesday morning (June 23). You can see live streaming coverage here. Hoping I can remember to check it out. Might be a nice kick-off to our astronomy study this year.


  1. I like that my kids get to go and have fun times. But I like it EVEN MORE when they come back to me. :)

  2. Glad you have your baby back! My big baby is at camp this week too. What are you using for your astronomy study? I've been thinking about doing Apologia Astronomy again this year. Wait...did we already talk about that?


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