Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Princess Protection Program Party Prep

I am rebelling against doing school over the summer with every fiber of my being, but I really want to try to get ahead a little so we can take more time off during the year. So to make the occasional school days I try to sneak in fun and summer-worthy, I'm trying to center them around what the kids are interested in (which shouldn't be such a novel idea). This week the new Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Program airs, so we are having Princess Week to get ready for it (well, Prince and Princess Week, to include my son, too).

To celebrate our first big garden harvest, BeachPea made us cucumber sandwiches, which we ate in our "castle".

CarriBear tries to master the art of the raised pinky...

Then we made castles from an idea we got from here.

We also made some (very un-princess-y) goop to play with today. They looked like they were having so much fun with it over at Crazy Maize World, I couldn't resist making some, too.

We also read through the Princess Handbook based on the movie. It was kinda cute, and nice to hear teen idols talking about dressing modestly, and being graceful and compassionate. Hope, in the next few days before the movie airs, to begin reading The Little Prince, and to make some more princessy stuff like crowns, gowns, and castle decorations. May also try to make a spelling list out of princessy words, with a royal spelling bee at the end. But that depends on how rebellious I'm feeling... :)

We enjoyed playing on this cute princess website, too.


  1. You're WAY more fun than me today. I was a bump on a log...

  2. Don't worry, that was me yesterday.

  3. cute castles!! and you are a brave mommy!!... to make goop. yikes!

  4. Their castles turned out so well! I'll have to try those with Alli someday.

  5. how much fun! i love the castles - so pretty and very creative :) what a great idea!

    thanks for your comments on Tracker - i just love him! i'm glad we were able to rescue him!


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