Saturday, July 25, 2009

Preschool Activities

One of the hardest things about homeschooling the last couple of years has been keeping my youngest entertained while the "big kids" do schoolwork. With 4 kids, having a toddler around to keep busy has been an issue for a long time, but Lil' Diva has required a little more entertainment than the others. So this year, I've vowed to start school prepared with lots of Lil Diva activities ready to pull out at a moment's notice. I've been compiling a list of ideas, and this week I hope to start putting individual activities into big ziploc bags, which I can then put into Lil Diva's workboxes each day. (Picture above is a scrapbook page, from way back when I had time to scrapbook, of some of the activities MyBuddy did (way back when I had time to plan lots of activities).

Here is my idea list:
  • Use tweaser/tongs to transfer pom poms into a container or egg carton
  • sort buttons or marbles in egg carton by color
  • match the shapes (match shapes on cards to shapes on poster board or paper)
  • match the numbers
  • match the letters
  • stacking blocks
  • puzzles
  • small white board and markers
  • watch leapfrog alphabet dvds
  • beads on pipe cleaners or yarn
  • hide small toys in a bowl of pasta
  • push pasta into premade holes in a cardboard box (cereal box)
  • cheerios book (book with places to put cheerios to complete pictures)
  • pasta collage
  • glue one button, pom pom, bead, etc. onto bottom of container/cup - sort similar items into cups by color
  • match photos/clip art images with ones pasted on a board/paper
  • drop q-tips into a shake cheese container
  • stick dry spaghettie noodles into a foam circle/ball to make a sculpture
  • sand/salt tray - draw shapes/letters
  • counting things tray (numbers on cards, place corresponding number of legos, bears, etc. on each card)
  • cut construction paper into confetti over a tray (cutting practice)
  • glue shape collages
  • stamps
  • markers and paper/small note pad
  • cookie cutters in playdoh
  • stickers
  • musical instruments -have a marching band to music
  • make your own musical instruments (shakers)
  • find a letter that mom calls out from a pile of letters and race to put it in a bucket (game)
  • color/toy match (color cards, put toys of a certain color on each card)
  • coloring pages and crayons
  • paper bag puppets with crafts (string, pom pom, google eyes)
  • sort counting bears
  • playdoh
  • educational videos
  • paints on an easel
  • bubbles
  • dominoes
  • stack cheerios or fruit loops on dry spaghetti noodles on a playdoh stand
  • sort nuts and bolts
  • memory games
  • trace magnetic letters onto cards, match letter magnets to each letter on card on fridge
  • shaving cream (put on table, draw letters, shapes in shaving cream)
  • washing play dishes in a tub of soapy water
  • doll and dress up clothes
  • magnet on a fishing pole, pick up magnetic objects (or make magnetic fish)
  • clothesline between two chairs, pin up letter or number cards in order
  • color on sandpaper with crayons
  • stickers on paper plates
  • wastebasket and sockballs
  • masking tape balls to throw at the fridge, wall
  • yarn shapes on sandpaper
  • make a wagon out of a shoebox to pull animals in
  • use papertowel rolls to put balls thru (golfballs?)
  • ladle beans or rice between 2 bowls
  • get a cheap blowup kiddie pool to use as an indoor "playpen" for messy projects
  • pudding paint on a paper plate
  • make a tent out of blankets, watch a dvd on computer in the "cave"
  • use a dumptruck to play with beans
  • coins and a piggy bank
  • chalk on dark construction paper
  • sidewalk chalk paint
  • paint with yarn (dip yarn in paint, make designs on paper)
  • pins and pincushion play
  • shaving cream with colors (mix to make new colors)
  • smell different spices
  • put faces parts in a bag (google eyes, pom pom noses, yarn mouth, hair, etc.), let make faces
  • color pasta by mixing 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and food coloring in container, add pasta, let dry. Sort into containers by color
  • glue tissue paper squares onto wax paper (can use gluestick); hang as sun catcher
  • playdoh “snake” numbers - roll out playdoh to match number cards
  • small chalkboard and chalk
  • water xylophone (different amounts of water in glasses in a row, tap each with spoon)
  • HWT letters (wooden letters that come with the Handwriting without Tears program)
  • match stickers to number cards (1 sticker on number 1 card, 2 on number 2, etc.)
  • cornstarch goop
  • paint in small ziploc bags (let squish, mix colors, draw on top with finger)
  • paint with q-tips, cotton balls
Some of these are ideas I've done or collected over the years, some came from here, or the Sunny Patch, or from the Tot School website.

Some things I think are great ideas the kids turn their noses up at, so we'll see how it goes. Would love to hear your preschool ideas, too!

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  1. Oh WOW! These pics bring back wonderful memories. What a cutie!


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