Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday BashES

We are still slightly reeling from all the birthday celebrating in honor of BeachPea turning 9 last week.  BeachPea gets VERY excited about her birthday each year and starts counting down the days til her special day as soon as she turns the calendar over to August (and has birthday on the brain all month).

And this year she definitely got her fill of birthday-ing!  Because we had lots of family visiting this month, at different times, BeachPea got to have about 4 or 5 birthday celebrations.

Swim Party with her friends
 And a trip to our second-favorite-place-next-to-Disney-World
We live about an hour away from the closest Build-a-Bear (which is a good thing), so when we drove nearby the store to pick up Grandma at the airport, we couldn't resist a visit for the birthday girl (and her very excited sisters). Thank you, Grandma!
...decisions, decisions...
puppy love 
lots of birthday-ing meant lots of eating...
...cherished gifts... 
 ...and silly string wars (a birthday tradition)
CarriBear loves her new cuddly friend
A birthday serenade  
make a wish
Can't believe my baby is 9!  Happy Birthday, BeachPea!

(Now, time for mommy to head to the wii fit...)


  1. silly string is the best birthday condiment (how's that? i couldn't think of the right word. accessory, maybe? anyway) - such a fun birthday celebration BeachPea had! love the photos - Build-a-Bear is awesome, we were there yesterday!

  2. Aww, we LOVE Build-A-Bear! Your pictures are so fun and Beach Pea looks so happy with all her celebrations!

  3. Hi. We are in full birthday mode around here too.
    Today is my son's 11th birthday, tomorrow my oldest son turns 13 and on sept. 5 my daughter will be 8!!
    she also wants to go to build-a-bear for her special day.
    Looks like you guys had some great fun this month!!

  4. So many wonderful pictures! Your children are adorable. Happy Birthday BeachPea!!!



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