Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T-shirt dress - on MY blog?!

So it was coming up on the year anniversary of BeachPea getting a really nice sewing machine from her grandma (thanks mom!) and nothing much had been produced from it, because I was scared of it. BeachPea had gotten a couple of lessons from my mother-in-law when she first got the sewing machine, but after those we never got it back out because I was afraid. If something mechanical has more than two steps to make it work, then it is out of my league. But, this week, I finally decided to tackle my fears, and asked mother-in-law back over to give us all lessons.

So she did (thank you mother-in-law!), and after she left, since the machine was all set up, I decided to see what would happen if I touched it. It was my first time, I was nervous.

But look what I did!

I made a purse!

And I didn't break anything on the machine!

I was so excited I stayed up half that night looking online for other projects I might be able to attempt. I found these adorable girls' t-shirt dresses that didn't look too intimidating, and there were tons of tutorials on how to make them. Most of them were over my rookie head, but I found one that sort of made sense at this blog.

So the next morning I decided to try it.

But after the first hem the bobbin ran out of thread - horrors! now what do I do?? Do I touch something mechanical and risk making BeachPea's machine fall to pieces (I have that ability). But, I couldn't just stop mid-dress, sooo, I went for it. And it took me thirty minutes, but I figured out how to rethread the bobbin. Yay me! And look what I made...

I was so proud. Ok, the seams are really crooked, and I left raw edges on the hem, and my gathers are uneven, really uneven, but I was proud anyway, and Lil' Diva wore her new dress all day, even though the waist was a little too low and the inside was ugly. It was supposed to have an empire waist, which I think looks sooo cute, but Lil' Diva said that wasn't working for her and wanted it down lower. Which was actually kinda good because I cut the material too short anyway :).

So that's what's been going on here. I'm learning to sew! And it's really fun.

Here's a few other things going on in our neck of the woods...

golf practice in the yard with friends

watching videos about Noah's Ark on YouTube, to supplement our study on Genesis in Through the Bible with Your Child (I won this book in a blog giveaway (thank you, Monica!!) and I love it!!)

and the girls started dance lessons yesterday. Lil' Diva has been watching her sisters' dance for the last 3 years and was SO excited to finally go to her own class.

Now it's back to school for a few days before grandma arrives from Florida to help celebrate BeachPea's birthday later this week. We love grandma-visits!


  1. you did an awesome job on both the purse and the dress. i am really lovin' that dress! and your little one looks so pretty wearing it :O). yay, you!(by the way, i need some new curtains for the bathroom - jk)

  2. i love that little dress! you did a good job!

    just keep browsing sewing blogs and sites, you'll definitely get inspired and learn ALOT in the process.

    Grandma's are great, arent they?!!

  3. Wow! Your dress (and purse) turned out beautifully! I'm scared of mine too. Hubby bought me the Disney version a few years back. "Look," he said, "it embroiders." I stared blankly at him. "What," I asked, "am I going to embroider?" I did make some curtains with it (minus any embroidery!), but I so seldom use it, like you it takes me a good 30 minutes to rethread the bobbin or the needle or whatever else runs out that requires step-by-step instructions from the manual. Good for you tackling this!

  4. Wow! Love the stuff you made! I'm just as scared of the sewing maching - I'm afraid my fingers will get eaten. But you....you overcame! Now you have a whole new hobby opened up for you and the girls!

  5. I'm so proud of you sewing. Last time I touched a sewing machine was in 8th grade Home Ec.


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