Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up - Week 7

I'm a little late posting last week's wrap-up (can it really be time to start a new week already?).

Here's a few goings-on in our homeschool last week:

The younger girls learned about "day and night" animals doing a cute print-out from here (I love this site!)

We visited a butterfly garden on a field trip with our homeschool group

and were served by Wendy herself at lunch afterwards!

The next day we went on our own backyard butterfly hunt

Can you find the butterfly?

We took a nature hike around a lake

The best part was the surprise playground we found at the end of the hike

We (finally) started our astronomy study this week. We're using Apologia Astronomy and love it so far (tho' I have to admit, the highlight of last week's study was the lecture on the planets by our "guest professor" (MyBuddy made these great foam ball planets in a co-op class a couple of years ago and still remembered every fact he learned about the planets)

I usually just make our own notebooking pages, but the Apologia Astronomy text had an optional notebook with it with tons of notebooking pages, and I'm SO glad I ended up purchasing them for the kids. Big time saver.

My favorite narration was Lil' Diva's "Green-haired Alien with Lollipops"

I was hesitant to start Lil' Diva on the violin at age 3, but when all the other kids got their new instruments this year, she could hardly stand to be left out so we consented. But actually doing daily practice wasn't working too well for Lil' Diva at first. But this week I borrowed an idea from her gymnastics coach, who had given her a stamp around her wrist each time she performed a skill, until it finally made a cute bracelet. We tried the same thing with star stickers each time she played her notes, and it worked great! So I guess I'm off to the store to buy more star stickers :)

MyBuddy did a lot of his school work on computer this week, including our favorite resources Reading Upgrade and Dance Mat Typing.

In history we learned about early Egypt and King Narmer's merging of Upper and Lower Egypt (and made our own Double Crown fashion accessories)

The kids went to their swim lessons

Part of the kids' math this week was making brownies, all by themselves. They did great!

But the best part of the week is that it finally stopped raining long enough for us to get to play outside a little. Hooray!

Now time to stop blogging and start THIS week of school. See what others did in their homeschooling week at The Weekly Wrap-Up.


  1. Looks like a lot of learning and a lot of fun happened here this week! Thanks for the site recommendation! I'll definitely be perusing that more during quiet time!

  2. Oh my goodness, you had a full week! Your kids do such fun things and are so blessed to have you as their mama.


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