Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're in love...

With Twirly Skirts!

I've been trying to learn how to sew, but for some reason I have a mental block about going out and buying a pattern. But the girls have been begging me to try to make them more dresses, especially ones with "skirts that twirl". The first thing I thought of was one of those 50s poodle skirts, and I actually found a bunch of tutorials on-line for how to make them (this one was one of the most straight forward). They're also known as "circle skirts", and though they use a LOT of material, they're really not too hard to make (tho' I certainly made my share of mistakes).

I added a very simple tube top to the skirt for a dress for CarriBear.

But I'm not actually writing about the dress itself (did I mention I made a lot of mistakes?), but about the transformation it made in CarriBear. She is not a tomboy, but she has never been quite as "girly" as my other daughters, preferring to play or ride her bike more than dressing up and primping. But she sure turned on the "girl" when she put this dress on! Curtsying, daintily picking flowers, posing for pictures. It was all just too cute.
Luckily, I was given a big pile of excess material from a family member who used to work at a men's shirt factory, so I can make a lot of practice skirts while I fine tune my sewing skills (and it will take a lot of those practice skirts). But the girls don't seem to mind the mistakes or the outdated patterns, and I love how it makes them feel "all princess-y".

Just had to share...


  1. Nothing like the right dress to make you feel special. I am not really a girly girl either but put me in a beautiful dress and I will pose for photos too.

    You did a great job on the dress. I fondly remember sewing things for Amanda when she was little. Now she does her own sewing. :)

    Loved your entry today.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Oh, I think it's just amazing that you are sewing these for your girls. They really are precious, and how sweet that it brought out the girl in your girl! I have a feeling that they won't remember any of your "mistakes." :)


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