Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday fun, part 1

Been having fun with a few Halloween-y activities this week. Grandpa brought Lil' Diva this "little Diva" costume for fun. She loved it, especially the purple nails. But she thankfully still chose to be a panda for trick-or-treating (as mom isn't ready for her to grow up too fast (especially into this :))

The girls decided their favorite dolls needed costumes to match theirs, so BeachPea got to work (I'm so proud of her!)

Here's a bat dress we made to match CarriBear

and Lil' Diva wanted a little of everyone's costume for hers :)

we carved pumpkins

and our church has already had their "Trunk-or-Treat" event, so we got to do a little early candy-collecting this year (nothing like having 4 kids on sugar for an extra week :)).

I think the grandparents had fun watching

and the kids definitely enjoyed the results of their evening of hard work :)

More to come....


  1. what fun pictures! you did a great job on costuming and the girls did great with their dolls' outfits - you are so creative :O)

  2. Oh Casey, what great costumes!!! They all turned out just wonderful! The girls did a wonderful job on the costumes for the dolls, as well. :)


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