Monday, February 22, 2010

February Unplugged: Weekend Fun

Hooray for a day that was warm and beautiful enough to warrant a pitcher of lemonade!

and to make movie productions outside

and to put on puppet shows

that are so cute even the dog wants to watch :)

and the audience begs for more

(the cast signs autographs afterwards)

now back to that movie making...


  1. Love, love, love this!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like a PERFECT day!!!

  2. Oh, GREAT pictures, Casey! What a fun day for your kids! I also have footage of that movie-making, Lego-creating thing, thanks to my Spencer. You've inspired me to take our puppet theater outside when the weather gets warm - I had never even considered it. It will have to wait a bit - my kids were sledding today. :)

  3. What great pictures~
    I'm a homeschool momma too...I have 6 blessings so far...{but don't homeschool them all.}



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