Sunday, February 21, 2010

Latest Sewing Projects (Attempts)

Been sewing a little lately - not too successfully - but still, thought I would share my "oopses" for fun. I had a stain on the sleeve of this shirt (at the end of it's days our old dryer starting leaving these lovely burn marks on our clothes).

So I thought I would try to turn it into a more updated peasant-style shirt. But, I cut a little too much off the top, or maybe not enough, and it was a little too tight for me in it's new form (one of these days I'll learn to measure right). So, I decided to turn it into a dress for Lil' Diva instead...

I picked an unfortunate color for this project, because it looks every bit like a hospital gown. But she still loves it as a playdress anyway...

and wore it ALL DAY yesterday, which is an amazing feat for any outfit of Lil' Diva's, as she usually changes clothes at least four times a day.

This next project was a bit of an "oops", too, as far as measuring went, but Lil' Diva designed it from top to bottom - from the shape of the sleeves to the style of the dress, adding some very interesting hair accessories, and putting together patterns that I never would have. But she is so proud of it and absolutely loves it.

so I'm glad I bit my tongue and let her have her way with it.

Because in the end, it's the smiles that count.

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  1. i think lil diva's dress looks great! she has style :) and you are such a good momma!


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