Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It begins...

There have been murmurings here on the farm of getting chickens. Growing up I always knew I wanted to live on a farm, but that it would be a farm with no pigs and NO CHICKENS. I have vague but powerful memories of visiting the houses of friends who had chickens when I was a child - and they involve dirt-y, chicken-scratched yards and running for my life from angry, pecking chicken beaks. So no chickens.

But my son has been thinking lately that he might like to raise his own chickens and sell the eggs to the neighbors. Now considering that this techno-son has very little interest in anything, well, with a heartbeat, I can't help but MAYBE think this idea over a little. And then my mother-in-law sent over a pound cake the other day made with eggs from a friend's farm-raised chickens, and I was amazed at the difference in the taste and texture of the cake. It was heavenly. And then yesterday when we were shopping for rabbit food, THIS happened...

Please, mom?

No, I didn't cave yet (tho' if we had a pond those cute little ducks may have had to come home with us), but now my kids have definitely caught the chicken bug. And if chicken-care could actually get my son outdoors and interested in something other than electronics, and help him save up some money and gain some business skills, well....



  1. Go for it, Momma!!!
    I say that as someone who has chickens...umm about 50 yards away at my grandparent house...not my own! But the eggs are amazing...and the rooster IS one mean sucker! Carry a big stick!

  2. how could you say no to those little faces ? ? ? ?

  3. Oh, come on!!!... cave in, already!

    If I had to choose one farm-type animal out of them all... it would definitely be chickens. We love ours.
    CAn't beat the fresh eggs and the manure does wonders for the garden.
    We have 10 as of right now, but will probably get more this spring. I can't say no to the cute little cheepers in the feed store!

    And our rooster, Adam, is the gentlest, sweetest guy around. So not all roosters are mean.

    I'll be waiting for the post showing us how many you end up with and what the kids name them. ha ha

  4. Ok Cuz :),
    So as you well know we live in extremely urban FL. Not necessarily farm friendly since the mall is only blocks away. But we do have chickens. Although we only have 2, we definitely are considering more. We do not have a rooster as we didn't want more chickens, and they still lay eggs that are vegetarian friendly. They are actually the easiest animals we have. We let them run around in the back yard and have a really cute, cottage style chicken coop that my husband made. It was an incredible homeschool adventure. Our local 4H club has a whole curriculum on hatching and raising our chickens. And you just make sure they have food and water and clean out the cage(excellent fertilizer! Only manure that is ok in compost & can also be sold) Easy! So just some food for thought. If we can have chickens and love them, so can you :) xoxo
    BTW our chickens are Tweety and Captain Jackie Chicken :D


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