Monday, March 8, 2010


Last weekend for me was one of those that when you get to Sunday night, you wonder where the weekend has gone, and what, if anything, was accomplished. But this morning when I looked back at our pictures from the last two days, I realized that quite a lot had been going on afterall. Guess I just didn't slow down enough to notice the first time around.


many fun hours spent in the new chair-and-a-half


and sleeping

(one faker)

and my sweet husband built our monkeys some new monkey bars

and for a short time the weather actually climbed above the 50s, which meant the kids broke out the bathingsuits and water balloons

which, of course, our sweet little DJ had no part of

instead she went inside and "played" through a whole piano primer in one sitting

and... tum ta dum!... learned how to spell her name ALL BY HERSELF. She was SO proud!

And I made a new spring dress for CarriBear, which, again, was a little too short and a little too wide, but she insisted on wearing it right away anyway, which made me smile despite my sewing disappointments. I was a little proud of my first ruffly sleeves, anyway.

and everyone had fun playing in crunchy leaves

and poor Ollie hurt his foot doing some kind of cat gymnastics that cats do

so he received a weekend of royal treatment

which he was mostly happy about

And I think the girls picked just about every spring bulb that was in the yard this weekend, but oh well, they don't last forever, and they had fun decorating the house with them, which, maybe is almost better than seeing them out in the yard. :)

Now to start a new week, which promises to start off in almost as much of a whirlwind as the weekend, as I just got a report from my son that the bunny Holly is hopping around in the yard instead of in her hutch. Off to go rabbit hunting.

Update: Holly has been caught, and after a leaving some lovely scratch marks across my forehead after a chase under the porch, has been returned to the hutch. Sigh. Welcome to Monday :)


  1. Cute, cute pics. CAN"T WAIT to see you all soon and sit with all of you in your new chair and a 1/2! Sorry about Ollie and your forehead, but glad you caught Holly.

  2. Love the pic of Ollie! Your chair seems absolutely wonderful. Great find! Oh, and I think those ruffly sleeves look pretty good, too.

  3. Nicely done with the Holly nabbing!
    Hope your week is terrific!


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