Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach Memories, Part 2/Coming home

As much as I loved the beach, I think I'm ready to come home, even virtually. So here are our last batch of random beach pics....

CarriBear, enjoying some of her birthday presents from her beachy birthday party

beach bubbles

sand castles

kayaking fun

all snacks are better at the beach

beach gymnastics

water fun

beach walks

and beach chases


and fires

with s'mores, of course

We'll miss the beauty and fun of the beach, but it is time to come home...

home to kitty cats

and caterpillars

home to lots of green, and pretty spring flowers

home to games of Mother May I in the backyard

twirly steps

and bunny hops

with an occasional caterpillar distraction

home to horses

and playdates with best friends...

(don't ask)

home to shoe-tying lessons on the front porch swing

home to messes

and masterpieces

and home to await the arrival of baby chicks

Home is good.


  1. Hi Casey,
    I have enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful beach pics! Thank you for sharing!

    I hope you enjoy your chicks...we got ours last Friday and are truly enjoying them!!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Loved reliving our wonderful beach time. What fun for Grandma! OK, one more week at home, then time to start planning our second beach week. Miss you all!

  3. I love your house. Way to capture all your blessings!


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