Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally reaching the home stretch in our homeschool. Only a few more days left!

Using our Story of the World Ancient History books, we studied the Greeks, ancient native Americans, and we began on ancient Rome. We've found some great resources to supplement our study of the Greeks...

We ordered Drive Through History: Greece and the Word from Netflix (I love Netflix). The kids enjoyed watching it and being able to see some of the Greek ruins and how Greek history coincides with Paul and the Bible. You can also order it from Amazon: Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts #2: Greece Is The Word

The Story of the World chapters on Greece and Rome have a few stories about the Greek and Roman gods and all their misadventures, but the kids wanted more, so I checked our Stanza app on our iPod Touch to find stories I could read aloud about Roman and Greek myths. Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin is available for free on Stanza and the kids have really enjoyed listening to this easy and exciting read.

We've also been continuing to watch Liberty's Kids on Instant Play from Netflix as a brush-up on American History.

Which has been great for some sibling snuggle time. :)

So I was sitting at an airport the other day waiting to pick up my mom and step-father who were flying in for a visit, and I noticed a line of flagpoles outside flying the flags of several different countries. To pass the time I tried to name them all, and discovered I couldn't. Not even close to all of them. So I decided we needed to brush up on our world flags this week. We found this site online, and I was going to print out flag flashcards, but discovered I was out of printer ink, so my daughter decided to draw and color the flags instead, and make her own flashcards. I think she learned them much better this way. She was very proud to learn 20 world flags in one day!

We've also continued to enjoy "studying" our chicks as they grow, charting their growth, sketching the different breeds, and mostly just having fun watching them. More on our chicks here or here.

The kids had their gymnastics demonstration day this week, too (more pics here). They worked really hard this year and were proud to show off their skills. And the end-of the-year show means all our extra-curricular activities are winding down for the year, which means more staying at home, which makes mom VERY happy.

MyBuddy (13) had fun reading Of Mice and Aliens, An Asperger's Mystery (part of a series where the hero of the story has Asperger's Syndrome and uses his "special skills" to help solve sticky situations) and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief (nice tie-in to our Greek and Roman study) this week.

(Amazon has a pretty good price on the whole boxed set right now)

So that was some of our goings-on this week. See what other homeschoolers did this week over at The Weekly Wrap-up.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a great week!!

    Our extra's have come to a close too. I'm sooo excited. All we have for the summer are church camp and VBS.

  2. I love that flag idea! I think I know two - the US and Canada. Oh, and Switzerland. Hmmmm, think we'd better do some flag practice too at some point!

  3. I have used that flag website this year during our Winter Olympics study- you are SO right- there is NO WAY I knew more than 10 of all those country flags!


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