Monday, June 28, 2010

The Joy of PW Cooking: Still going...

Even though I haven't posted pics from it for a while, we are still chuggin' along on our Pioneer Woman cooking project. Yesterday, BeachPea and I had a "date night" (in the middle of the day) and we made these for the family:

yes, they are edible!

Springy Flower Pot Desserts

We had so much fun making these,
and then watching the faces of the family as they contemplated whether or not to trust us when we told them they could eat them :).




especially when they found these:
in the "dirt".



but they eventually came around.

We've also made PW's recipes for chicken strips, perfect pancakes (which I couldn't quite perfect), and fried mozzarella sticks. The chicken and mozzarella sticks were gone before I could even put the plate on the dinner table. Would definitely recommend them!

Hmmm, what should we try next?...


  1. Oh yum! : ) I love the flower pots! I always make them whenever I am going to a baby shower or bridal shower because they are so girly and perfect!

  2. I'm afraid to ask about the contents of the flower pots, but you captured the doubt on the girl's faces so perfectly? Shall I ask Beach Pea for a repeat in Michigan?

  3. We just had dirt pudding cups last week at VBS. Some of the kids thought they were great and others were very unsure!
    My kids loved them........ right down to sucking the "dirt" off the worms.
    One little girl wouldn't eat the worms because they, "were dirty!". So cute!

  4. Ha ha! Love the looks on the girls' faces!


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