Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer smiles

My kids have been Toy Story CRAZY since seeing Toy Story 3 a couple of weekends ago (we all loved it, by the way. A must-see if you are a Pixar fan).

This is my baby after discovering she had enough money in her piggy bank to buy her own Woody and Bullseye dolls.

After she got them, the first thing she did was to write her name on their feet, just like Andy.

she was very excited.

But one of my favorite things about summer time,
is that the smiles are just as big when they come from fun that is free :)


If you don't already read her blog, Ann over at Holy Experience has some wonderful thoughts and photos on "how to buy the best summer holidays". Her post has inspired me to pay closer attention to the simple summer joys. And hip hurray! - it's supposed to cool off a little here this week, so maybe we'll get ourselves outside more, and "write our names" on some of summer's "prizes" (without having to crack open the piggy bank :)).


  1. Free FUN is most def the best fun!
    (good thing, too b/c that's all we've got this summer LOL)
    I love Ann and can't wait to go read - thanks for sharing!!!!

    Adorable pics...how could they not be with such adorable subjects!!!

  2. I can't wait to watch the movie with the boys.

    They did the same thing with their woody figurine. SO cute!


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