Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Remember all those times last year when I complained about the heat?


Well, all those times...

I was a wimp.

Because this year, it's hotter.

It's so hot...

Okay, maybe it's not that hot,

but the thermometer on the bank downtown read 107 last week.

So we've been doing all we can to

stay cool




and stay happy...

pet rock masterpiece by BeachPea

But at least all this heat outside
is helping me not feel so bad about having to stay inside

to tackle this
the remains of last year's homeschool

New year starts in two weeks.

And I'm overwhelmed by all the planning I need to do to get ready.
But I am excited about some of the new curricula we'll be trying out this year.

I've read a lot about All About Spelling from other blogs, so I finally decided to give it a try. We did a test lesson over the summer with my younger girls and I think it's really going to work well for us.

Sidenote: Hmm, yes, this post was supposed to be about the heat, but you know how we are -
get a homeschooler talking about curriculum, and we are hopelessly diverted (ad nauseam).
So the rest of this post is going in that direction. If you are not a homeschooler, you are excused. Thank you.

And both of my older kids will be using Teaching Textbooks for math for the first time. My 4th grader used it last year and really liked it (so did I!), so I ordered it for my 8th grader this year, too.

We're also trying a new history text this year, A Child's History of the World by Hillyer. It's not so much a complete history curriculum as it is history in story form, but this year our focus is going to be on writing, reading, and math, as we've got a little catching up to do. So I feel like this, possibly supplemented with our previously-used copy of The Story of the World: Middle Ages (this is the second time we're cycling through history) will be enough to satisfy our history needs for this year, then we'll get more in depth when my son starts high school next year (gulp).

Still need to decide on the type of science we'll be teaching this year, but will probably use one of Apologia's Exploring Creation books. We loved our Astronomy study through that series last year.

So now it's off to find a place to put all these new books...


Oh my.


  1. Here we are in the first week of summer holidays and you are talking about two weeks left. We don't homeschool, but I'm always on the lookout for fun extra education material, so thank you for the links. That pool looks lovely.

  2. I don't homeschool but I still enjoy reading about what you like to use. My heart's desire would be to someday homeschool. I actually get the CBD homeschool catalog and will spend hours reading through all the different curriculums available.
    One of my best friends uses TEaching Textbooks for their math and they really like it.


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