Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Gets Its Glory

I've been a night owl since birth. I've always loved that quiet time after hours when the darkness shadows out distractions and everyone else is asleep except me and a book (or scrapbooking materials, or photo albums, or more recently, a laptop). There was that, and the fact that I despised mornings. They always came way too early, were way too busy, the grass was way too wet, and the birds outside were way too cheerful.

But within this past year, I guess my almost thirty (oKAY, almost forty) years are catching up with me and I can't hack the late nights anymore. I almost always fall asleep reading to my babies at night and only get up again to stumble back into my own bed and go back to sleep. But I missed that quiet time to myself, I need that quiet time to myself, and the only alternative was to get up early (gasp!). But I've started doing it, and you know, I DO like mornings, Sam-I-am!

Because it turns out they're not so busy, IF you get up early. And yes, the grass is still wet (ew!), but it turns out I like those cheerful birds, and I like watching the world change as the sun comes up, even if it does chase my friends the shadows away.

I love having the house (and the sunrise) all to myself for Bible study or blog time, but now that I've made my peace with mornings, it turns out that my favorite time of the day is not the alone time, but is when my girls wake up and we walk out, even though the grass is wet, to feed and let out the farm critters together.





Seems Ollie is a morning cat, too, and follows us all over as we do our chores.



Maybe he's hoping for a chicken breakfast?




How about you?


Do you like mornings, or are you more nocturnally inclined?

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  1. Now that I am older (50+), I am both a night owl AND an early riser. That makes me plain tired.:-)
    I drink my coffe at the computer now and blog, read a devotional and comment when I can. The view out your window looks like something I would enjoy. Sometimes I drive by small hobby farms here in Wisconsin and picture myself living on one. Maybe someday! I look forward to stopping in again.

  2. I am a morning morning morning person...always have been. I love the expectation of the fresh day. I love the stillness and the quiet minutes every morning....even the weekends.

    Loved your photos of your morning. My cats usually share my early mornings as well.

  3. Gorgeous photos! My favorite is the fourth one of your daughter at the chicken coop - LOVE the light on her! Great job!

  4. And what a beautiful morning it is by your photos!! I use to be a morning person, and now, I'm a total night owl! I find that I get the most blogging, writing, photo editing in the nighttime hours. Thanks for sharing your "today" :)

  5. I love mornings...when I can get up in time for them! ;) I love you shots!

  6. I'm a morning person. I love waking up before anyone else and pottering around. My husband is a night person, so I end up doing both.

    Love the photos of your cats. Makes me wish we had cats again.

  7. Thank you for these wonderful pictures! I love the cat...
    I'm experiencing on the road every night,(have to work), so I see every early morning .. I love it so very much...
    Greetings from germany
    Liuebe Grüße, Petra

  8. I am "nocturnally inclined." But because of the kids, I wake up very early, too, and I find that I like starting the day with them. :)

  9. I go back and forth between being a night owl and being an early bird. Your farm is beautiful. What a lovely way to greet the day. It's so nice meeting you.

  10. Gorgeous photos!!!
    I'm definitely more nocturnal. If that includes staying up until 10 pm. That's about as late as I can make it. But I do love the quiet of the house after a busy day. Every one is asleep and I get an hour to myself. Peace!

  11. inspirational. me? mornings? maybe someday...


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