Wednesday, September 29, 2010

See these little guys?


They look cute, don't they?

Well they're not!

In fact they are little demons in disguise. For the uninitiated, these are U.B. Funkeys. Those who are familiar with them are probably feeling my disgust with these tiny plastic embodiments of hell which are supposed to hook up to a computer for hours of fun and enjoyment.

I'm not even going to say how many hours of my life I spent yesterday trying to get these things to work -

because my dear son convinced my dear daughter

to spend all her allowance on a new set of them.

A set which will only work with an update to the game.
Which we tried to download and install
and it crashed the game.
And hours, days, and years of virtual work to build a perfect Funkey city disappeared.

And to a particular son with Asperger's Syndrome, that was like losing your family.
He even said, as he paced back and forth beside the computer as I tried to undo the damage, "now I understand how the people in the waiting room of hospitals in those dramatic medical shows feel"


And I'm ashamed to admit that after the 3rd or 4th hour of trying to fix the damage on the kids' PC,
I got a little angry, and pouty, and ugly.

Things got so bad, I had to call tech support. (I'm a mac user, what's tech support, and why would anyone ever need to use it?)

Tech support did get us headed in the right direction. And it looked like things were going to turn out okay (thus the happy smiles on the children's faces above). But then we hit another glitch, and it was after tech support hours. I didn't have the heart to take a picture of the faces then.

And did I mention I was also a little angry and pouty and ugly?

Well, I was. Until I walked into my bedroom and saw this...

followed by BeachPea's big hug and a thank you for working so hard to try to fix their game. And I was humbled and ashamed, and grateful to have such a sweet family, that I really don't mind so much having to give up hours of my life to try to help.

So, now it is the next morning and tech support is almost awake so I'm going back to it. U.B. Funkeys WILL be working on the computer by the end of the day.

If it's not, I have exploded and you may not hear from me again.

Goodbye just in case,


  1. I'm guessing they don't seem very fun-key at the moment. I admire your determination. I'm in IT but I always pass tech support discussions over to my husband (he's in IT too.), because they drive me nutty, as I can see when they are trying to fob me off. Now I'm tensing up at the thought of it all.

    Saying that, sorry I can't help. Good luck and please don't explode, because I'd miss your posts!

  2. OOhhhh, my poor My Buddy! My heart aches for him. Wishing you lots of luck (and love) in your next session.

  3. Oh my goodness, you are a good Mama! I love that your kids appreciate your hard work!


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