Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 4

I'm not sure how we got anything done this week. Seems all the girls wanted to do was draw, draw, draw...


I left CarriBear doing her school work (Singpore Primary Math here)
and came back to find her sneaking in some doodling.


Like all week long.

wdraw collage1
Spelling lessons were slowed down by the need to illustrate each word.

But I can't stand to hamper creativity.
So maybe we didn't get a whole lot 'o learnin' in this week.

That's wrong, isn't it?

But BeachPea came up with a Spelling Elk mascot for school work. He's now on all our daily work in some form or another.

I think he's really cute.

MyBuddy didn't have the doodling-bug,
but he certainly wasn't in the mood to do his copywork on this day
(can't you feel his pain? He really doesn't like to write.)

Until a friend came along to help him get through it.
Then everything seemed okay.

I was proud of him for plowing through.
This week the kids are copying their oral narration from our science lesson from the Apologia Zoology (part 1) we're doing this year.

My 4- and 7-year olds enjoyed playing on this week.

wwgame collage
And we all enjoyed playing this great math board game my sister gave us last year called Math Noodlers.

It's a great way to practice math skills without it seeming like schoolwork.
Players choose cards that ask you to work out math stories with the "noodle-o's", doodle a funny bar graph, draw a fraction with your non-writing hand, etc. Very cute, and very fun, even with the hidden math involved.

The kids are still really enjoying their homeschool band class. We have a local university music ed. student teaching our class and he is doing a great job keeping it fun and pressure-free.
What a blessing that is! My kids actually enjoy going to class each week.

We didn't do a formal nature study this week (too hot, too busy), but the kids had fun planting pansies and playing with the hoppy toads they found in the dirt.


Looking forward to finding some signs of Fall next week for our nature study. I think it's supposed to finally cool down a little here next week, so we plan to do a LOT of outside schooling. Yippee!

See what others did in their homeschools last week at the Weekly Wrap-up.


  1. Such cute pictures!! I had to giggle because when I looked at the reindeer mascot drawing - I read it as "Gospeling" - as in Go Spread the Good News Elk!! Now I get it - Go Spelling!! :)

  2. The pic of your Buddy doing his copy work looked so familiar! You could have taken this pic in my home and the expression on my little guy would have been the same. :)

  3. Great photos (and the doodling look wonderful!)
    Janet W

  4. looks to me like they learned plenty :) and had fun doing it. that's what homeschool is all about! love it!


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