Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Capture: Togetherness

This week's You Capture Challenge is Togetherness.

Our kitty cats like to eat together...



and nap together

which is really sweet...


And then there's bunny togetherness.

It's a little hard to see what's going on in this picture, but we caught these bunnies in a snuggle moment, which is big, because they started out hating each other.
You've come a long way, bunnies.

and there's doggy togetherness

and people and doggy togetherness


But my favorite kind of togetherness
is when I catch siblings
acting like friends...



I love this photo, because it wasn't posed, I just captured a moment that was already happening. Even though there are plenty of other seats on the porch, the kids love to pile in together on the porch swing when we read aloud for school.

I love that.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Funkey Update

Who spent untold hours today trying to fix her grieving children's U.B. Funkeys?

And who, with no useful help from tech support,

not only successfully installed and updated said U.B. Funkey software on a newer computer, but also SAVED the precious game files from the old computer, on which said U.B Funky software had crashed?

This girl!

Oh yeah!

Life is Good, once again.


See these little guys?


They look cute, don't they?

Well they're not!

In fact they are little demons in disguise. For the uninitiated, these are U.B. Funkeys. Those who are familiar with them are probably feeling my disgust with these tiny plastic embodiments of hell which are supposed to hook up to a computer for hours of fun and enjoyment.

I'm not even going to say how many hours of my life I spent yesterday trying to get these things to work -

because my dear son convinced my dear daughter

to spend all her allowance on a new set of them.

A set which will only work with an update to the game.
Which we tried to download and install
and it crashed the game.
And hours, days, and years of virtual work to build a perfect Funkey city disappeared.

And to a particular son with Asperger's Syndrome, that was like losing your family.
He even said, as he paced back and forth beside the computer as I tried to undo the damage, "now I understand how the people in the waiting room of hospitals in those dramatic medical shows feel"


And I'm ashamed to admit that after the 3rd or 4th hour of trying to fix the damage on the kids' PC,
I got a little angry, and pouty, and ugly.

Things got so bad, I had to call tech support. (I'm a mac user, what's tech support, and why would anyone ever need to use it?)

Tech support did get us headed in the right direction. And it looked like things were going to turn out okay (thus the happy smiles on the children's faces above). But then we hit another glitch, and it was after tech support hours. I didn't have the heart to take a picture of the faces then.

And did I mention I was also a little angry and pouty and ugly?

Well, I was. Until I walked into my bedroom and saw this...

followed by BeachPea's big hug and a thank you for working so hard to try to fix their game. And I was humbled and ashamed, and grateful to have such a sweet family, that I really don't mind so much having to give up hours of my life to try to help.

So, now it is the next morning and tech support is almost awake so I'm going back to it. U.B. Funkeys WILL be working on the computer by the end of the day.

If it's not, I have exploded and you may not hear from me again.

Goodbye just in case,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Gets Its Glory

I've been a night owl since birth. I've always loved that quiet time after hours when the darkness shadows out distractions and everyone else is asleep except me and a book (or scrapbooking materials, or photo albums, or more recently, a laptop). There was that, and the fact that I despised mornings. They always came way too early, were way too busy, the grass was way too wet, and the birds outside were way too cheerful.

But within this past year, I guess my almost thirty (oKAY, almost forty) years are catching up with me and I can't hack the late nights anymore. I almost always fall asleep reading to my babies at night and only get up again to stumble back into my own bed and go back to sleep. But I missed that quiet time to myself, I need that quiet time to myself, and the only alternative was to get up early (gasp!). But I've started doing it, and you know, I DO like mornings, Sam-I-am!

Because it turns out they're not so busy, IF you get up early. And yes, the grass is still wet (ew!), but it turns out I like those cheerful birds, and I like watching the world change as the sun comes up, even if it does chase my friends the shadows away.

I love having the house (and the sunrise) all to myself for Bible study or blog time, but now that I've made my peace with mornings, it turns out that my favorite time of the day is not the alone time, but is when my girls wake up and we walk out, even though the grass is wet, to feed and let out the farm critters together.





Seems Ollie is a morning cat, too, and follows us all over as we do our chores.



Maybe he's hoping for a chicken breakfast?




How about you?


Do you like mornings, or are you more nocturnally inclined?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

You can collect boxes for Operation Christmas Child!

My kids and I always have so much fun shopping for and packing our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Last year we also set up a shoebox collection through our homeschool music program, and my kids were so delighted to have a van-full of boxes to drop off at the collection center. If you are part of a homeschool co-op or organization and would like to organize a collection in your group, you can order free materials to advertise your effort. See the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child website to place your order.


And have you seen? Narnia fans are teaming up with Samaritan's Purse this year! Check out this video. Can't wait to see the new movie!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Egg-citing Discovery

Hubby called us all out to the chicken coop the other day...

and guess what we saw there...

our chickens' first eggs!

There was a lot of egg-citement

and the chickens seemed very proud of themselves.

Even MyBuddy left his computer for a few minutes to check out our egg-cellent discovery.
(ok, no more egg jokes).

Yippee! We have eggs!

Thank you chickens!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 4

I'm not sure how we got anything done this week. Seems all the girls wanted to do was draw, draw, draw...


I left CarriBear doing her school work (Singpore Primary Math here)
and came back to find her sneaking in some doodling.


Like all week long.

wdraw collage1
Spelling lessons were slowed down by the need to illustrate each word.

But I can't stand to hamper creativity.
So maybe we didn't get a whole lot 'o learnin' in this week.

That's wrong, isn't it?

But BeachPea came up with a Spelling Elk mascot for school work. He's now on all our daily work in some form or another.

I think he's really cute.

MyBuddy didn't have the doodling-bug,
but he certainly wasn't in the mood to do his copywork on this day
(can't you feel his pain? He really doesn't like to write.)

Until a friend came along to help him get through it.
Then everything seemed okay.

I was proud of him for plowing through.
This week the kids are copying their oral narration from our science lesson from the Apologia Zoology (part 1) we're doing this year.

My 4- and 7-year olds enjoyed playing on this week.

wwgame collage
And we all enjoyed playing this great math board game my sister gave us last year called Math Noodlers.

It's a great way to practice math skills without it seeming like schoolwork.
Players choose cards that ask you to work out math stories with the "noodle-o's", doodle a funny bar graph, draw a fraction with your non-writing hand, etc. Very cute, and very fun, even with the hidden math involved.

The kids are still really enjoying their homeschool band class. We have a local university music ed. student teaching our class and he is doing a great job keeping it fun and pressure-free.
What a blessing that is! My kids actually enjoy going to class each week.

We didn't do a formal nature study this week (too hot, too busy), but the kids had fun planting pansies and playing with the hoppy toads they found in the dirt.


Looking forward to finding some signs of Fall next week for our nature study. I think it's supposed to finally cool down a little here next week, so we plan to do a LOT of outside schooling. Yippee!

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