Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homeschool Highlights

I haven't posted any homeschool updates in awhile, I guess because with the holidays, illnesses, visitors, and snow over the last month, we've mostly just squeezed in the basics. But here's a few things we've been doing that I remembered to snap pictures of...

We're using Ann Voskamp's (of A Holy Experience blog) book, A Child's Geography for our geography study this year. In it she describes plate tectonics as the Earth's dance. So the kids decided to demonstrate the steps...

Here's the Continental Bend (convergent boundaries)

And the Slippin' and Sliding' step (transform boundary)

and the Sea Floor Spread (divergent boundaries).

And by george, the kids actually remember them. Ann is a genius.

We're studying birds through our Apologia Zoology study, so we were thrilled when the recent snow (and umm, remembering to fill up our feeders) brought birds in droves.

We spent an afternoon recording the types and numbers of birds.

And even discovered a couple of new visitors to the farm, like this purple finch,

and this towhee, which I think was just passing through, because we only saw him for a couple of days, but it's always a thrill to see a newbie at the farm (...we don't get out much).

We also began (for the third time) a year long tree study, using suggestions from Barb's Handbook of Nature Study blog. Hopefully this time we can remember to record our trees for all four seasons...

The girls all chose fruit trees (BeachPea decided to get up close and personal with her peach tree :)) so they should have fun in the Spring with the pretty blossoms and in the summer with the fruit. I'm glad we started in the winter, so they can see the "skeleton" first, then add to it as the year goes on.

Hopefully now that life is slowing down a little we can focus on the homeschool "extras" a little more. This final winter stretch is always tough, so a little extra fun is required to help us keep our sanity. Hmmm, maybe it's time to quit talking and go do some planning...


  1. What an interesting post! Looks like you're having a great year. *Your* purple finch is beautiful! We had snow this week, too, which made watching *our* birds so much more fun also:)

  2. I didn't do those dance steps with my kids...I should have! How fun! I think when we did that the other kids were still too young to understand the info, so Spencer would have been dancing alone. ha ha! The purple finch is sure pretty. I've never seen one before.

  3. You are an amazing teacher. Those girls are so blessed to be able to learn from you.

  4. They look like they are having so much fun!


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