Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Vacation, part 4: Hibatchi Fun

It may be on the tacky side to take this many pictures of people eating dinner, but living on the farm outside of town (and on a budget) we don't go out to eat much, so our night at a hibatchi grill on our recent trip to NJ was a big deal for us country-folk. So I took a lot of pictures...



(Interjection: I apologize for the color in these photos, I was playing with the ISO settings on my camera and they looked a lot better on the camera screen. We're not actually quite that pasty.) OK, carry on...



(first shirley temples)

My son LOVES going to restaurants (mostly because he is a soda aficionado (like, would hook himself to an IV of root beer or Dr. Pepper if he had his way) and he says they taste the best with restaurant ice). But he did pause occasionally between beverage guzzles to entertain his cousin (who thought he was really funny (and maybe a little weird)).

So some of us were a little freaked by having a raging fire a few feet away...

...but were forgiving once the food throwing fun started...

And finally, I got my 4th birthday dessert of the weekend...
...and happily welcomed back the final pounds of the weight I had lost last month. But it was worth it. And I don't know what the freaky thing I'm doing with my hands in that top picture is. Maybe I was so lost without my camera in hand that I was pretending to take a picture of my fried sundae? Oh well, at least I was behind the camera for the food-throwing.

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  1. Those are great pics!
    When my dd turned 20 we took her to the hibatchi grill in town and my redhead actually hid down under the table when the fire got started. He did not like it at all! It was so funny to us though. He was just 6 after all. We haven't taken him back yet.



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