Sunday, March 27, 2011

i heart faces: slice of life


My youngest daughters were invited to play with area Suzuki violinists in a concert with our local (grown-up) orchestra. Here, they are waiting to rehearse outside of the concert hall. (Love that it didn't take long for some of the students to decide to use their bows as swords). :)

See more "slices of life" over at this week's iheartfaces photo challenge.


  1. I love that kids can turn absolutely anything into a weapon : )

  2. So cute!!! My daughter plays as well.... and yes, I think it has been used as a sword at our home! wink!

  3. Ha ha! I love all the different expressions you caught. Such a good pic for black and white, too - the expressions really stand out.

  4. Casey, I just LOVE this photo! The first thing that caught my eye was the 'sword fight,' haha! I love how sharp it is and I love the 'line' of children... great composition. :)

  5. Awww, they are so cute! Love this photo! The sword fight in the back also caught my eyes, such cute expressions!

  6. Great shot! And the black and white is perfect for this photo!


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