Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitty Update

Little kitty seems to be adjusting pretty well to her new home.  She still has a lot of wildcat in her, and alternates between purring for us and hissing at us.  But I mean, she is a fierce little kitty (she did take on 15 chickens), and I'm sure we throw off her groove when we pick her up to love on her.

But she purrs a little more and hisses a little less each day.  So the tigress is slowly breaking down.

Butterfly loves having her own pet for the first time (unless you count the fish.  BeachPea is serving as official kitty care supervisor, just to make sure kitty doesn't... ahem... meet the same fate as Mr. Fish).

"She licked me!"

Kitty has a foot fetish.

So we were actually tempted to just call kitty "Kitty", but as blogging about stray orange cats named Kitty has already been done, I figured we better come up with something else.  Many (many) names were discussed and none were unanimously agreed upon, until we came up with one, which is the same as a sassy, red-haired, dancing (kitty can bust some moves!) character on one of the shows the kids watch on Disney Channel.  So,

meet Ce Ce.

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Hoping she doesn't grow into that collar too fast,


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