Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Dolphin Tale Week!

Once again the week seemed to fly by without me remembering to take my camera out much, but I'll share what I have.  This week the movie Dolphin Tale was released, so we spent some extra time working on our Dolphin Tale curriculum in anticipation of seeing the movie.

We learned about deep sea critters, and made our own anglerfish.

(Why do glue bottles never work?)


We also used a glowstick to demonstrate how bioluminescent creatures use a chemical reaction to produce light without heat.

And we put together some minibooks about dolphins and did some experiments on echolocation.

We also continued to move forward with this year's other curriculum, which still seems to be going well. We added Wordly Wise books to the line-up this week, and I think they are going to work well for us.

CarriBear spent her freetime practicing her photography...

And BeachPea has been enjoying her band class.  Not sure what is different about this year, but she is actually having fun in class now....
(I'm sure it's not that she's the only girl in class.... (right?))

And finally, we ended the week with a field trip to the movies!  Dolphin Tale was an excellent, excellent movie, and we were able to pull enough homeschoolers together to fill most of a theater.

In fact, homeschoolers from all over the country packed theaters on Friday, and helped Dolphin Tale tie for the number one movie at the Box Office this weekend.  Much thanks to the Homeschool Movie Club for pulling this together!  Hopefully Hollywood will see that wholesome family movies DO sell tickets.

Now I've got to go think on which of my kids I can force encourage to become a marine biologist so I can live vicariously through them someday... I encourage you to see the movie if you haven't yet, and see how it inspires you :)

See what other homeschoolers did this week at the Weekly Wrap-up.

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  1. LOL! I love the anglerfish with lipstick and eyelashes! :) Good to hear your thoughts on the movie...I hope we can see it soon.


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