Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitty Update

Little kitty seems to be adjusting pretty well to her new home.  She still has a lot of wildcat in her, and alternates between purring for us and hissing at us.  But I mean, she is a fierce little kitty (she did take on 15 chickens), and I'm sure we throw off her groove when we pick her up to love on her.

But she purrs a little more and hisses a little less each day.  So the tigress is slowly breaking down.

Butterfly loves having her own pet for the first time (unless you count the fish.  BeachPea is serving as official kitty care supervisor, just to make sure kitty doesn't... ahem... meet the same fate as Mr. Fish).

"She licked me!"

Kitty has a foot fetish.

So we were actually tempted to just call kitty "Kitty", but as blogging about stray orange cats named Kitty has already been done, I figured we better come up with something else.  Many (many) names were discussed and none were unanimously agreed upon, until we came up with one, which is the same as a sassy, red-haired, dancing (kitty can bust some moves!) character on one of the shows the kids watch on Disney Channel.  So,

meet Ce Ce.

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Hoping she doesn't grow into that collar too fast,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Snapshots

Every once and a while, we'll forget how miserable it is to try to travel into town on a hot day and will venture out of the house...

{love us some 5 Guys}

{at a party at our library for kids who completed the summer reading program}

{Yay, BeachPea! 31 books this summer!}

But mostly, we've been STAYING HOME, staying in, and staying cool lately...

{Reading time with Grumpy, and our photobooks from Shutterfly and Snapfish arrived!  I was really pleased with how they turned out from both companies.  But I really love that custom path from Shutterfly, and I think their print quality is a little better.  Shutterfly runs 20-30% off and free shipping deals on their photobooks every few days, so if you use them be sure to wait to order until they're running a deal.}

{BeachPea is already getting ready for her birthday party, coming up in a few weeks}.

{New babies on the farm}


{Hangin' out}

{Learning to jumprope}


{We haven't quite gotten the hang of it, yet :)}

{and lots and lots of water play!}

Headin' out for more now,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peeking in... cheer camp.


The lighting was low in the gym, so these aren't the best pictures, but for posterity's sake, here's a few captures of my 3 girlies having a blast at their one week cheer camp. They loved cheerleading last year, but this year they are really excited about it because several of their closest friends joined the squad this year. They can hardly wait for football season to start.
















Sunday, July 24, 2011

Found Nemo

So my husband was moving the tractor out of the barn the other day, and said he saw a little orange kitten run behind a hay bale.  Of course, a search and rescue operation was organized by the kids immediately.  We heard an occasional mew from the barn, but for days there was no other sign of this mysterious kitty.

So we left food and water out, just in case there was no mama cat around.  We did begin to start seeing glimpses of an orange flash or a tiny tail darting around the corner of a hay bale, but the kitten remained elusive.  One night during this time we were watching Finding Nemo, so the kids called the kitten Nemo, since we were trying to find him. And he was orange.  Like Nemo.

So then a couple of mornings ago I looked outside and realized we had forgotten to close one of the doors on the chicken coop, so the chickens were happily pecking out in the pasture instead of locked up in the chicken run.  And who was crouching stealthily in the grass right in the middle of them, waiting to pounce on his next meal?  Yep, one very ambitious little kitty.

But it darted as soon as it saw me, and was gone again.

Then yesterday, my oldest daughter went out to gather eggs in the chicken coop.  But came back with this instead...

Little dude was inside the chicken coop, and had all the {fully grown} chickens cowering in a corner.

I struggled for a while with what to do.  If the kitty did have a mama out in the barn, I hated to take it away.  But then, I read that if you don't get a ferrel cat away from it's mom by about 4 weeks of age, it would be hard to ever tame it.

And we certainly couldn't have such a ferocious little chicken hawk running wild around the farm.


So we found the little guy some temporary kitten necessities, gave him, or her, some food and water, which he/she devoured, and cleaned him/her up a little.

OK, so they weren't temporary things.  Just like the last stray that came to the farm, this little kitty is here to stay.  I know at some point we have to draw the line, or risk us becoming crazy cat hoarders, but it's just that 3 of our 4 kids have their own kitties, and poor little Butterfly has none, so you know, what can you do?

We are now in the process of getting him/her used to us, watching his/her health, and picking out a name.  It seems Nemo has been voted down. Based on the kitty anatomy diagrams we googled, we think this little guy may be a girl.  But not 100% on that one, yet.  But, as I was informed, Nemo is not a girl's name, and will not do.  I really want to let Butterfly pick out a name, but so far she's come up with "Orangey", "Cage-y" (because we're keeping her in cage for a little while), "Runny" (because she likes to run), and "Scratch-your-arm-y".  So, thinking a family vote on the name may be in order instead. :)

Anyway, until then, welcome to the farm Little Kitty!







We're really glad you're here.

{Just stay away from those chickens, okay?}

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