Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coming Soon...?

So my middle daughter comes running in from a trip out with Daddy the other day, saying "Daddy says if I save up enough money I can get an alpaca!"

Considering that I thought we had a universal agreement that we already had farm animals-a-plenty at the moment, I was more than a little surprised to hear this.  We had already turned down pleading requests for pigs, snakes, puppies, prairie dogs, ponies, and buffalo (that last request was mine :)), but suddenly an alpaca was an option?

In all fairness, we have considered raising alpacas, which are a little like mini llamas, for years.  They are fiber animals and we had visions of learning to spin and weave and starting up an alpaca sweater family store.  (This was maybe more because alpacas are so gosh darn cute than because I really wanted to sit at a spinning wheel). But alpacas have always been out of our price range, like way out, so we put the idea of raising them on the back burner.


But prices have dropped some in the last 10 years, and Carribear decided it was one cute and cuddly goal to save up for, so yesterday we decided to go ahead and pay a visit to an alpaca and llama farm up the road from us to get a closer look.


We couldn't keep our hands off their soft, thick fur. So fluffy!

I also kinda fell in love with the llamas, which, though bigger, seem to have a little more personality than the alpacas.  And those ears are too cute.

mama llamas

mama alpaca

They also had mini highlanders on the farm (they're almost like buffalo, right?)

We got to walk a llama





Posing for our junior photographer.

I like wearing them because their comfy when I'm pregnant, but I don't usually wear my husband's shirts out in public.  After seeing these pics, now I remember why.  Yikes.


So our farm visit did indeed fuel the fire, and the girls (BeachPea now wants in on some alpaca action, too) are working furiously around our house and the grandparents' houses to fill up their piggy banks for their very own llama or alpaca. Time and reason may eventually change our minds, but could we soon have some new farm members?  Only if we're crazy.

But all the best people are, right?

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  1. Ooooh, they are gorgeous! Good choice girls!! Can I just add that I'm pretty sure you need some mini Highlanders as well, they are adorable ;-)


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