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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Happiness Project: 4th edition

(The Happiness Project: Finding Happy in the Photo Archives)

DJ, loving the Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique in Disney World

puppy love
Piper and DJ on our first camping trip after we adopted Piper into the family

beach joy

DJ enjoying a winter walk on the farm

CarriBear happy over her new Valentine's gifts

the front porch swing is one of the happiest places of our home

More about the Happiness Project here.

(Thanks to Ree at the Pioneer Woman for inspiring this project, which has brought many needed smiles to my face this week!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Happiness Project: 2nd edition

guess who snuck out in the rain?

Daddy's home!

CarriBear, lovin' her farm walk with daddy
(oh how I miss those roll-y baby arms)

CarriBear would spend hours laughing at these ceramic farm critters, especially when they were wearing their silly 4th of July hats.

BeachPea couldn't even wait to get her bathingsuit on on the first day of this Florida beach trip.

CarriBear, after being caught climbing up to the top bunk (all by her one-year-old self) to play with her buddies. One of my favorite captures ever.

What is this Happiness Project?

(next edition here).

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